Welcome to iPad Video Course

Call with changes to your arrival Date

Now that you are on your way to producing a marketing video with superb picture graphics and “B roll” video footage taken on the beach or in the village of Carmel by the Sea… I welcome you to send off any addition or change to the schedule date you have applied the course times for.

I look forward to your phone call when you reach your destination to personally touch base with me and talk about the needs and transportation of filming in town or on the Highway One Big Sur beach. Frankly all beaches are terrific including Monterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach with its 17 Mile Drive, Del Monte Lodge Hotel and famed Spanish Bay Resort.

Give a call at 831 624 7452 to meet and show you laptop studies and camera functions with lighting, app techniques and adding audio presentation to record on your practice sales video or memorable vacation highlights, as a means to begin the YouTube Channel uploads from editing.
Enjoy the city of Carmel as recorded below in documentary type of newsreel:

EWS of eWebSolutions has been recording video for client sales for many years now and looks forward to optimization of your videos to attract business customers and profits from the YouTube search engine ,and to find your new video upload on first page of Google in organic search. We will be showing marketing videos with exciting “intro and outro” brand logos and product un-boxing types. Then an interview style video for explanatory sales promotion.

Times we start are based on 11am and go until 4pm approximately.
Dress for change in weather, inside lessons and uploading included.

Video by Carmel City Marketing firm.


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